Ready to let go of stress and embrace joy?

I'm here to help you connect with your inner truth and let go of what's holding you back from creating the life you want.


A lovingly guided session for clarity, clearing and deeper connection.


Explore your mystic wild side in one of our many spiritual retreats in nature.


Moon Magick Planners helping you stay in tune with your inner mystic. (Open Soon!)

Hello Beautiful,

I am so excited you landed here. Because, let’s face it, we have a lot in common.

  • You’re a highly sensitive woman who wants help to let go of the heaviness and pain you feel
  • You’re ready to step more into your spirituality by harnessing your intuitive gifts
  • You’re sick and tired of being afraid, burnt out and want to step out of the hamster wheel of negativity 
  • You’re dealing with heavy energy in your family or relationships and need direction
  • You’re wanting to connect more deeply with your guides, angels and ancestors

I am you and you are me. As a Psychic , Reflector, mother and highly sensitive woman, I am here to help guide you in the right direction!

Kind Words 

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