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Hello Beautiful,

I am Therese Nadeau and I am so excited you landed here! Because, let’s face it, we have a lot in common.  Maybe you can relate –  You’re an intuitive woman who dabbles in spirituality and want to incorporate your intuition more into your life and business. You’ve been keeping your gifts under wraps because it’s too scary to share and fear of judgment is huge. You are ready and willing to get more in tune with your intuition to improve your relationships, grow your income and to help more people.  You’ve been wanting someone who gets it – someone to help you grow and provide guidance to  incorporate your spiritual genius into your life and business.    That’s where I step in.   I’ve been there and I see you as the leader you are meant to be. I want to give you a helping hand in getting there. ​I’m a psychic intuitive. You’ll come away from our work as your own intuitive guide. Your own master of your energy. I’m an evaluator. I can intuitively understand what areas to give you assistance to achieve the biggest transformations. I’m a Highly Sensitive Person. I have the tools you need to get out of the overwhelm and anxiety.  I’m an amplifier. My energy literally amplifies and creates momentum to create what you need and want.  Ready? Let’s do this!

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