2022 Prosperity Transformation Program

Feb 15th to April 5th @ 9:30 am pdt / 5:30 pm GMT

Put yourself in the best possible environment to create the life and business you want in 2022!


You’re not here to do it alone. There is power in numbers when setting intentions and creating all you desire.


It’s an inside job. Deepen your connection and relationship with your Soul purpose through guided journey’s, Human design and Divination cards.


Get clarity about the next best steps and turned on to the excitement that infinite intelligence has in store for you!


Create more than you’ve ever dreamed of by tuning into your highest consciousness and heart’s truth to succeed. 

What is the Prosperity Transformation Program?

The Prosperity Transformational Program is a 8-week group program offering an integrated approach to receiving prosperity from the inside out.

  • This program is designed for the highly sensitive, intuitive and spiritual leader ready to master their energy to maximise personal prosperity. 
  • We will be diving into your unique genetic codes to know “thyself”, so you may live your life purpose with more ease and joy. 
  • Receive powerful activations and meditations to utilize your gifts which will increase clarity of direction and and self confidence. 
  • Journey the timelines to release “stuck” energy that is blocking you in the present moment from receiving more.
  • Manifest from the energy of “having it all” to bring what you want into your experience faster than you thought possible.

You can have it all your own way in this year!

You're perfect for the program if you want: 

A roadmap for mastering your intuitive genius and laying the foundation for an epic year by using our tried and trusted techniques in a fun and exciting program!

8 Week Program Outline

Learn to manifest & manipulate your personal universe to your gain and prosper with more clarity and magical fun!

Module 1

Opening Ceremony & Intentions

Creating sacred space
Setting your intentions

group happy
happy lights

Module 2

Know Thyself through Quantum Human Design

Your unique Human Design
Setting your intentions

Module 3

Creating Space to Manifest

Journey into past life
Releasing resistance

away, light, forest-3294679.jpg
candle smudge

Module 4

Conscious Clearing & Creation

Energetic clearing body work
Boundaries & making more money

Module 5

Magical Integration Week

Create your magic box
Learning the power of Intention or Spell work

candle crystals

Module 6

Sacred Sharing & Channeled Messages

Connecting to your spiritual & physical guides
Manifest the best from doing less

Module 7

Bring Your Future Into The Now

Future life transmission brought to this timeline
Honouring your unique wisdom & purpose


Module 8

Closing Ceremony & Reflections

Group clearing & manifestation
Living your truth after the program

Perhaps money is not an issue but you are lacking joy and a zest for life?

We are offering you a navigational framework designed for the intuitive, psychic, and spiritual leader to increase impact and income in a way you will love. A roadmap for mastering your intuitive genius, honoring your unique human design to lay the foundation for an epic year. There has never been a more potent time to do the inner work, clear the past and create from a place of aligned action. And we are going to share with you tested and proven methods to get you the results you want without having to work harder! 

Meet Your Program Leaders

Intuitive Healer & Leadership Coach

Therese Nadeau

Psychic Intuitive Healer & Leadership Coach

With over a decade of spirit channeling, intuitive healing and real life business experience, Therese guides her clients to connect with their intuition to create more impact and income. With a strong passion for creating a world where healers and spiritual leaders prosper is only matched by her love affair with chocolate.
Therese is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading Master Teacher, Past Life Regression healer and student of Human Design, Shamanism and many other modalities. She is a digital course creator and the founder of the Moon Oracle Academy®.

Owner of Your Cosmic Genius

Aisling Hamilton

Owner of Your Cosmic Genius

Aisling supports Visionary Leaders and Creative Business Owners to get unstuck and lead with integrity from the inside out so they can enjoy increased prosperity in all areas of their lives. She is a Quantum Human Design Specialist and combines the ancient wisdom of her Celtic lineage with leading edge techniques used by Hollywood film-makers and celebrities to allow Radical Transformation for her clients in a safe, gentle non-judgemental space.
Aisling is the Co-Founder of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Retreats, Founder of The Prosperity Playground and Owner at Your Cosmic Genius.

Hear From Some Recent Clients

sun hair

Thank you both very much! Each day I notice myself open up more and more. Work like yours, allow myself and others to be more of our true selves. I am so grateful!
- L.R.


You both are beautiful Light and Love- thank you for sharing that even into the wee hours of Europe. I treated myself Sunday for more self love and nurturing. Your Magic shines brightly wherever you are.
- C.F.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have just wrapped up our 8 week program. If you’re interested in the next one, please email us to get on the waitlist! 

No sweat! We will be sending you a video recording to watch on your own time. 

Absolutely not. We welcome anyone interested that desires a new approach to creating more prosperity and self love using a spiritual approach.

Yes. We do offer a 15% commission on all program sales. 

Yes we do! Both Aisling and Therese have private clients. Send an email to info@theresenadeau.com to inquire about a session with either one of us. 

All contracts are binding. We do not offer refunds on our program services. We are here to help you reach your highest level of success, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in your program package.  When refunds are an option, it is on a person by person basis. It is up to you to decide “before” purchasing your package and committing to work that this; is the right program for you.  If you’re in, you need to be 100% in, just as we will be for you.

February 15th - April 5th

9:30 am pdt / 5:30 pm gmt


$ 997
  • Opening ceremony - Group Call - 90 minutes
  • 8 weeks - 1 week off to integrate/create/reflect
  • Weekly group calls - 60 mins
  • Closing ceremony - Q&A - 90 minutes
  • Private FB group
  • Discount on store items

VIP Package

$ 1997
  • Regular price goodies plus+
  • 2 sessions w/ each of us
  • 4 sessions valued at $2154
  • Free month of Oracle Cafe
  • Personalized gift
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