Who is Therese Nadeau?

Spiritual teacher and intuitive leadership expert, Therese Nadeau has seen the shift of consciousness on the planet.
With more and more women embracing their intuition, and seeing the world in a new light, it’s become clear that we can no longer deny our individual power.
With over a decade of spirit channeling, intuitive healing and real life business experience,  Therese shares with clients, that each one us is worthy of love, happiness and abundance. We are here for a purpose and it’s time to step out of the fear, negative programming and step in to lead life with passion and self-love.
Therese has been referred to as a powerful “healer” for her ability to remove the energetic blocks and a “straight shooter” for her clear and loving communication skills breaking down the illusions and illuminating the truth. 
As a leader, Therese guides women to release negative programming and deep routed fear to align with their souls truth to generate love, health and wealth. With a strong passion for creating a world where pain becomes power, is only matched by her love affair with chocolate. She is dedicated to leading a healing revolution to illuminate the love love on the planet starting with within each one of us. 
Therese is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading Master Teacher, Past Life Regression healer and student of Human Design, Shamanism and many other modalities. She is a digital course creator and Etsy store seller offering powerful journals, and planners dedicated to the mystic woman. Check out  Magick Moon Daily Etsy store HERE. 



Gain a new sense of Awareness that allows you to raise your concsiousness.


Tap into the ancient wisdom within you to gain new insights and know the answers.


Heighten all your senses and master your own frequency while tuning into your intuition.  

Do you want to strengthen your intuition?

Offering Oracle Card Reading Workshops to help: 

  • You release fear and take your power back. 
  • You trust yourself to make decisions without doubt.
  • You align with your purpose and attract more abundance.
  • You save money, time and heartache by knowing your truth.
  • You create and manifest your reality at a much faster rate.
  • You always feel connected and loved even if you’re alone.

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