I will love to Transform your life!

So you can live on purpose & honor your dreams

Therese Nadeau is an international psychic intuitive, that helps women let go of fear and overwhelm to trusting in their intuition so that they can trust in themselves.
In the past ten years, she has worked with thousands of clients to embrace their gifts and live in alignment authentically to attract ideal clients, increase income and ultimately be the powerful leaders they are meant to be!
Therese is also a digital course creator, and spiritual mentor offering certification programs and business training. She is the creator of the Oracle Academy that trains students to become professional Oracle card readers and to grow their own Oracle card reading businesses.
Over the years, Therese has trained was trained in energetic healing as a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Past Life Regressionist and Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading Master Teacher, Access Bars practitioner and much more.
She has been lovingly called to help her clients re-connect to their soul’s purpose and trust their intuitive guidance while embracing living a life of unapologetic AWEthenticity!





Gain a new sense of Awareness that allows you to acknowledge and change your perspective. 


Tap into the ancient wisdom within you to gain new insights and know the answers.


Heighten all your senses and master your own frequency while tuning into your intuition.  

Why do you need to develop your intuition?

After years of intuitive work, this is what I know:
  • Learn how powerful you are and release the fear
  • Trust yourself and your decisions without doubt
  • Align with your purpose and attract more abundance
  • Tune into your spiritual truth and know you’re supported
  • Create and manifest your reality at a much faster rate

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