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Prosperity Retreat

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Embrace the Magic of Autumn & Tune In

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What would you like to see transform in your life next year?

The past two years have given us the opportunity for radical transformation, breaking down our old ways of doing things and our old identities.

What Now?

What do you actually WANT and how will you know your best way forward as you step into the unknown?

Once you know and your vibration is CLEAR, you will naturally start manifesting the opportunities to fulfil your deepest desires.

In this Magical Virtual Retreat, you will receive a Unique Synergy of Ancient Practices, Quantum Science and Leading Edge techniques used by writers, celebrities and Hollywood producers.

We have created this Time and Space for you to commune deeply with your Inner Knowing  to receive what you need on any topic of your choice.  

It’s time to start Magnetising Your Best Possible Future Now! 

And we mean your Best Possible Future, not one that is still limited by the old, stuck patterns and beliefs of the past. We mean Your Unique Future Path that Your Soul is Calling you to not somebody else’s outworn idea of success.

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Realign your Vibration

Clear the burdens of the Past that are limiting your Manifestation and regain your strength to sharpen your focus on your own goals right now.

Clear Direction

Release Illusion and Confusion by learning how to use your own Genetic Prosperity Codes and tuning into your inner truth to guide your way .

Magical Manifestation

Open up to Receive in this amplified manifesting space where you will play with magic spells, be and see the most Prosperous Future Self to ensure Success!

Learn to Manifest in a brand new way using your Intuition and Human Design.

This Retreat is FOR you if: 
  • You feel stuck and can’t seem to get out of a funk
  • Your confused and uncertain about the path forward
  • You’re in need of a massive paradigm shift 
  • You want help to get out of your own way
  • You could use some high vibin’ magical fun
This Retreat is NOT for you if: 
  • You don’t believe in magic or miracles
  • You’re not open to trying out something new
  • You would rather stay where you are 
  • You’ve got too much on your plate to dedicate to your growth
  • You’re not ready or willing to look below the surface of your reality

The Universe has Higher Standards for your Life than you do.

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Most people ‘fail’ to Manifest what they want for one of 4 reasons: 
  1. What they think they want is not what they actually want.
  2. What they want is too small.
  3. They don’t believe they can have what they want which creates internal conflict so they cannot receive it.
  4. They cant imagine their desires can be manifested so do not see the opportunities when they show up.
Sound familiar?  

If you give yourself permission to join the Magic Moon Prosperity Retreat you will experience:

  • Set Intentions with clarity and precision
  • Group Amplification of magic and miracles  
  • Clear the Past energy that shows up subconsciously
  • Tune into your Unique Genetic Blueprint
  • Step into the Energy of your successful, abundant Future self to bring it into your current reality

Not only this but, as Reflectors, Aisling and Therese enable you to see your True potential, where you are out of alignment and what you need to do about it

Meet Your Magical Retreat Hosts

Aisling Hamilton

Aisling supports Visionary Leaders and Creative Business Owners to get unstuck and lead with integrity from the inside out so they can enjoy increased prosperity in all areas of their lives. She is a Quantum Human Design Specialist and combines the ancient wisdom of her Celtic lineage with leading edge techniques used by Hollywood film-makers and celebrities to allow Radical Transformation for her clients in a safe, gentle non-judgemental space. Aisling is the Co-Founder of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Retreats, Founder of The Prosperity Playground and Owner at Your Cosmic Genius.

Therese Nadeau

With over a decade of spirit channeling, intuitive healing and real life business experience, Therese guides her clients to connect with their intuition to create more impact and income. With a strong passion for creating a world where healers and spiritual leaders prosper is only matched by her love affair with chocolate. Therese is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading Master Teacher, Past Life Regression healer and student of Human Design, Shamanism and many other modalities. She is a digital course creator and the founder of the Moon Oracle Academy®.

What People are Saying.

‘With just one piece of information from my Human Design I have been able to forgive myself and let go of the guilt I’ve been holding for the past 15 years.’

‘WOW! You are Magic! M>I>R>A>C>L>E I can’t believe he’s paid me AND apologised. This IS a miracle!’

You're not meant to be a Muggle, you're meant to be Magic!


This is a half day retreat with time for integration. We will begin at 9:30 am PDT/5:30 pm GMT  and end around 2 :30 pm PDT / 10:30 pm GMT. With a half hour dinner/lunch in the middle for quiet reflection and integration. 

Absolutely not. We welcome anyone interested in a exploring magic and their individual connection to Source. 

No sweat! We will be sending you a video recording to watch on your own time. 

Yes. We do offer incentives to bring your friends. Sign up 2 or more friends and you will get a 50% discount on your admission rate.  

Yes we do! Both Aisling and Therese have private clients. Send an email to to inquire about a session with either one of us. 

We don’t offer a refund as the event is recorded live and sent directly to your inbox. If you do wish to have a refund,  please email a detailed explanation as to why and we will be sure to contact you. 

This retreat is for every-body! We tend to attract more women than men at this time, so if you’re cool with that, then please join us! 

Saturday, December 11th

9 am pdt / 10 am edt / 3pm gmt


***Oracle Café members receive 20% discount.
$ 333
  • Live Meditations & Past Life Clearing
  • Retreat Recording for Future Guidance
  • Beautiful Retreat Journal to Record your Experiences
  • Guided Meditation to Help You connect to Your Future Self

VIP Package

Oracle Café members receive 20% discount.
$ 1321
  • Regular price goodies plus+
  • 60 Min Card Reading with Therese
  • 60 Min Human Design Reading with Aisling
  • One month free membership to Oracle Cafe


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