Are You Ready To Take A Magical Journey Of Self Discovery?

Bring your love of card reading to the next level.  You have a deeper knowing and dapple with cards – but when you read for others – you fill with self doubt, then self sabotage.
You struggle with what is the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do readings and desire to have more tools and resources.

Your inner voice has been nagging you to develop your intuition and to work on your card reading skills.
You love to help people and are a natural counselor and what’s more fun than helping others using your gifts and a beautiful deck of cards? 


Of Allowing Your Soul To Express The Truth

In this empowering online certification course, healers, coaches and metaphysical explorers will learn to clearly channel their inner wisdom, gain credibility and share their messages with confidence. By the end of the course, you will be on your way to creating a successful career in Professional Oracle Card Reader.

Maybe you are a seasoned card reader or just looking to strengthen your intuitive gifts. During this course, you will have the opportunity to activate your inner Oracle and tap into your personal power from a soul connection to the Divine.

You were meant to be an Oracle…

  • Confidently and accurately deciphering messages while using your cards
  • Positively changing your life and the lives of those around you because of your accurate insight
  • Helping others manifest their dreams while also manifesting your own
  • Knowing that we are divinely guided and supported beyond the physical
  • A trusted and credible ‘Go To’ guide on this inspirational journey
  • Helping and guiding others with compassion and ease
  • By activating your personal power and intuitive gifts!
  • To let your light shine bright from the inside out to spread your magic! 



  • Understand how to interpret the meanings of your cards
  • Activation of your “Inner Oracle”
  • Connect with your Spirit to guide your readings
  • How to call upon the “inner wisdom” of your clients
  • Meet the Guardian of your cards
  • Take a journey into your past to discover if you were a healer


  • How to clear & cleanse your energy before & after readings
  • Discover the best ways to prepare your space
  • Correct and professional protocols when with clients
  • Create your own sacred altar to empower your daily life
  • Learn ways to clear and energize your cards for more powerful readings
  • Become attuned to your own energetic frequency


  • Learn how to use energy in your life and your readings
  • Over 20 different card reading layouts
  • Learn the best ways to ask questions for clarity
  • Common mistakes readers make and how to avoid them
  • Discover how the cards can guide your day to day life
  • Learn how to incorporate your cards into a business


You will receive...

  • One of a kind teachings with meditations and spiritual journey’s
  • Live Q&A in Zoom with a group of like minded souls
  • Can’t make it? No sweat, you will also receive Q&A recordings each week to have forever
  • Practice real life readings with your peers to develop and learn what is right for you
  • Real and honest feedback while trying out new techniques
  • Utilize your Oracle training to read any deck of cards including Tarot
  • Be challenged to raise your reading and intuitive skills to new heights
  • Accelerated manifestation and miracles can be increased during our time together
  • Upon successful fulfillment of the certification requirements, you’ll be awarded a Moon  Oracle Card Academy Professional Card Reading certificate

Meet Your Oracle Guide

It wasn’t long ago when I felt an emptiness inside of that I couldn’t fill. I struggled with addiction, low self worth and longed for more meaningful connections. 

In my heart I knew there was more to life than what was before me, but how the hell was I going to tap into it? Didn’t I need to have super powers or see the dead?

It became clear to me then, that I needed a tool to help me along, to guide me to source for clarity and confidence in this life. Of course, I had no knowledge of such tools. However, Goddess had a plan for me…

Years later, I was on the computer when an advertisement came up for an online Card Reading course came up. I just knew – I had to take it. At the time, I was broke, my husband thought I was nuts and it was a complete waste of money and some of my friends were skeptical, but I just knew I had to take it!

Well, let’s just say, using the Oracle cards changed my life!

Reading the cards helped me strengthen my gifts beyond what I thought was possible. My connection to source filled my loneliness, I discovered who I truly was and the light within me grew brighter!

Because of that one course, I went on to take more courses in spirituality and became a well respected intuitive in my community. This gateway of communication has led me to teach courses internationally and watch my clients lives transform!

Now I am honored to offer you my own expertise after giving thousands of card readings and years of psychic training. My wish is to guide you on your own unique journey of self discovery, intuitive mastery and abundant possibilities!

Now it’s your turn to tap into what is possible!


Experience The Magic By Activating Your Inner Oracle

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