Weekly gathering for the spiritual woman that wants to play with magic, explore the mystical world and unleash her inner Goddess.

Enjoy Some You-Time

The Oracle Café is a 60 minute gathering led by Therese Nadeau. This time offers you a chance to connect with your intuition, experience live channeling, and Oracle card readings all the while exploring a range of topics in your journal. Grab your favorite bevvy, take off the hats and enjoy yourself. 

Si-Star Connection

Ready to meet other women who are as weird and wonderful as you? Great! This is a space for  exploration and a chance to listen to the wisdom of your peers and meet other like minded women. A time to feel inspired and let your lion-heart shine.  We are all on a journey and together we can experience magic! 

Practical Action

It’s important to ask the deep questions and go inward with compassion and courage. Each week, I welcome you to deeply connect with your inner most thoughts. Open up to receive miracles and have fun playing in the world of possibilities. Don’t worry, it’s not that scary! This is a fun place to explore the mystical and the miracle of life.  

You Weren't Born To Fit In

Sacred Space To Be You
Open your heart and soul to this sacred community of sisters. Here we keep it real and discuss everything from orgasms to aliens.
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Moon, Mystery & Magic
Expect to explore sacred ceremony, metaphysics, astrology and everything in between each week.
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Take Your Seat At The Table
Honest connection, first with ourselves, and then with others makes life so much more fun! Join the enlivening conversations, learn new things, and share your truth.
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" Working with Therese is such a refreshing and uplifting experience. She brings a warmth, authenticity, and down-to-earth nature to her classes, making everyone feel completely safe and free to be their true selves. She demonstrates an obvious gift and wealth of knowledge in the realms of healing and spirituality, yet this is beautifully tempered with humor, grace, and sincerity. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a beautiful and giving soul! "
Oracle Cafe Meetings Happen Every Wednesday

The 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ 1 pm PDT

The 2nd & 4th Wednesday @

6:30 pm PDT

Oracle Cafe Pricing & Benefits

Join each week or once a month. It's that easy.
$ 47
  • Journal Prompts
  • Channeled Meditations
  • Weekly Live Gatherings
  • Personalized Card Readings
  • Discounts On Merch & Group Programs
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