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    2022 Prosperity Transformation Program


    This unique 8 week program is designed to maximize your personal prosperity by tapping into your unique genetic codes so you can really ‘know’ yourself, identify your gifts and talents and enjoy increased self confidence and self worth-the keys to successful manifestation.

    Be prepared to be filled with accelerated motion, heightened intuition, manifestation creation, loving support, past clearing, and present creation brought in from the future!

    You will walk come away with improved self reliance, health, self worth, confidence, vitality, more income, more impact on the planet, sovereign alignment, boundaries, spiritual connection, assertiveness, clarity of direction and self, feeling successful, surprise, etc. 


  • Oracle Cafe


    The Oracle Café is a 60 minute gathering led by Therese Nadeau. This time offers you a chance to connect with your intuition, experience live channeling, and Oracle card readings all the while exploring a range of topics in your journal. Grab your favorite bevvy, take off the hats and enjoy yourself. 

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