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Congratulations for making it here! Your soul must be ready to connect with the higher realms! 

Psychic Intuitive Readings

Are you ready to see what spirit has in store? Or maybe you need to have help in matters of love, money or health? In this session, we connect to our spirit guides, ancestors and Divine helpers for guidance and clarity. Spirit channels through me to help you eliminate and release the old to welcome in the new.  Your energetic frequency expands, your heart opens and you can see the power you possess to have the life, health and relationships you desire! 

60 Minute Session – $333


You’re more intuitive than you give yourself credit for. Let me be your mentor and guide to see  beyond the 3D world!  

Intuition Activation & Soulful Guidance

Are you ready to explore your intuitive gifts and blend them into your life?  In this 3 session package, we travel beyond the veil to meet your guides, tune into your most powerful gifts and play with magic! Through guided meditation, channeling and higher guidance, we release all the old programming so that you may connect with your intuition for all the answers! Once you book your first appointment, we will arrange the following two sessions.

3 – 60 min Sessions – 10% Discount = $899

Schedule A 30 Minute Connection Call

You looking to collaborate? Want to chat about working together? 
Schedule your 30-minute call with a Therese today!


Past Life Regression’s Can Help With The Following: 

  • Healing anxiety
  • Receive more love & abundance 
  • Healing troubling & toxic relationships
  • Healing toxic behaviors
  • Connect with your higher self & connect with your soul
  • Healing the physical body
  • Receive powerful messages from Spirit


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