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With a background in energy healing, life and business coaching, and spiritual teaching, I provide a unique and specialized approach to guiding my clients all areas regarding health, wealth and relationships.

Personal Coaching and Healing

Working with me allows you to experience the “self” from a new lens exploring beyond anything you thought possible. You can step out of the fear and negative programming to see how perfect you truly are! I guide you on the journey of self discovery and infinite knowledge so that you may find the truth within. You hone into your own intuitive gifts, master your energy to create the life and relationships you desire. We explore beyond space and time, healing parts of you ignored, accessing your ancient wisdom and creating magical transformation together!
Your business is not separate from you, it is an extension of your physical self and your soul wishes to express your genius to the world. With my three step approach, Awareness, Wisdom and Energy, you lean back and trust in the process and open up to receive in Awe-thentic alignment!

Business Healing and Consulting

I help you to become the leader and guide that we need on the planet more than ever. We move past the fear keeping you small and the chaos keeping you from moving forward, to getting clear on how to confidently express your genius into the world. The time is now to step out of hiding and fulfill your souls mission. Together we tune into the soul of your business beyond this space and time, connect with your souls message to the world and manifest your reality through heart centered truth!

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Specifically customized for you to: 

  • Remove distractions
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Set up step by step process 
  • Get in alignment with your spirit
  • Crystal clarity in making decisions 
  • Remove negative mindset and limiting beliefs 


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